funnel designer

  1. M

    Specialists wanted for the creation of Funnel Websites / Lead generation Websites

    Hello all, at this point we are looking for an absolute specialist. It is about the following: We need someone who can build or sell funnel pages / lead generation pages on mass. The content of the pages would have to be adapted to us. We don't need hosting, we do that ourselves, so we only...
  2. H

    Contractors for funnel design/building on Systeme io

    Hello i wanna start a funnel agency and i wanna know if there is funnel designer here on to partner with me as contractor. We gonna share profit. share your portfolio in pm Let mw know if you interested.
  3. R

    Funnel/Landing page for Home Improvement Niche

    Hello All, I hope you are all doing good. I want to build a funnel/Landing page for Home Improvement category, and the only point of making this funnel/landing page is for lead generation, people would be asked for their name, address, city, country, state, and ( services they need like if they...
  4. Sushant Pawar

    One page funnel vs multiple pages?

    One page funnel: Landing Page & Check out page on the same page. Thank you on the second page. Multiple page funnel: Landing Page Check out page Thank you page Which one do you prefer and why??
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