1. Dr. Reddit

    Dr. Reddit - Reddit Upvotes, Accounts, Front Page Guaranteed, Backlinks, Subreddit Creation

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We do not offer any refunds if your links get taken down because of your poor content, the age of the domain, bad account or dead link. Please check with...
  2. P

    Frontpage banner rotator for reciprocal link

    Hello, I have the idea to put a rotation banner in my frontpage in order to have in there 3-4 sites for reciprocal links. The idea is not to have such many links in my site frontpage, but all of them in a rotation banner. Do you think this, is a correct way to put reciprocal links in frontpages...
  3. spaceinvader

    I want a wordpress front page like this

    Howdy, i want my front page to be like this, not just one big boring article but short previews of articles with a read more link and the option to add pics/vids to the... erm... ill call them 'modules.' Preferably over 2 columns like in my mockup pick. Do any of you clever people know of a...
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