1. Goldiiing

    How can I make money with YT?

    Hi guys! Hope 2021 is treating you all well$$ I have a YT channel which has a steady growth of subscribers 3.4k, a watch time of 1.1m minutes & 750k+ views which is enough to get it monetised, however because it is not my content (it's reposted) they won't monetise it. What would be someone's...
  2. D

    Creating proxies from scratch

    I am trying to create my own proxies but I don't know how to do it. I have signed up for Amazon AWS vps but I need to know how to create the proxies. All the videos I have seen are confusing so far, I understand you need a script but I need some help to create the proxies, detailed help. Can...
  3. mrgemy

    how ican earn from VPS

    ihave vps windows server 2012 anyone have idea ?