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  1. stillbatman

    Hey! Looking for somebody to grow with!

    Hello everybody! I‘m on this forum for quite a long time and I even found many interesting threads about making money. But instead of reading I want to start engaging! I‘m looking for some people who want to grow together! I want to focus on Affiliate and Social Media traffic. If you‘re...
  2. im_network

    How to import csv contacts to facebook

    I want to create facebook accounts and import contacts from a csv file to send fried requests to them. But now i can't find the contacts import option in facebook desktop version. Did they remove it ?. If you know any technique to achieve this, please share guys.
  3. M

    best way to get the members of a Facebook group

    I am a mod on a Facebook group with over 30k members . i want to start my own group so i am the admin. i want to target the members of the group i am already in but cant think of the best way to target them. i cant just advertise it in the group. any suggestions appreciated
  4. B

    max 5000++ friends list in FB

    Hi Guys, I have maximum number of friends in FB personal account (not FB Page) and hundreds more that is awaiting approval (which I cant anymore) I have been thinking hard on how can I capitalise on this. I am eager to work on something even if it requires having to work on a separate...
  5. painreliefbullet

    My Simple Method To Gaining 5000 Friends On Facebook With Or Without Verifying

    Sorry if this is a repost idea. I'm new here, but I wanted to try and contribute. I create Facebook profiles for promotional purposes. What I do is make one using a generic name. Common female first name and common last name. (ex. Beth Johnson, Jessica Reynolds, Samantha Hoffman, etc)...
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