friend request

  1. R

    How to Upload csv email contact on Facebook for Mass Friend Request

    Hello Bosses in the house! I need help and I will FOREVER whosoever helps me out. In the past, Ii know it was very easy to upload a csv file and invite your email contact on Facebook. Is it still possible. I need to do this as soon as possible. I want to know if I can still upload email...
  2. saaqib

    how to make FB friends

    as dumb as this questions sounds..could someone help.. I'm trying to create new FB profiles but it seems very difficult to add new friends..the account keeps getting blocked if I add even more than 3 friends is there any better way of getting more friends fast for a new account?
  3. S

    [Question] Automating group invite from scraped ID list

    I had a browse through the forums and could not find anything related. Google was useless as well. I used to moderate a 7k member fb group and had to 'destroy' it due to the admin going haywire (removed all members but the moderators and admin). Before I did so I made sure to scrape all the...
  4. melfornazari

    [METHOD] - Mass Cancel Friends Request (iMacros)

    Hi! Add many friends can screw with your account. So it's always good to cancel some pending requests, therefore it gets harder you have your account blocked. Here we go.. 1. Go here: 2. Paste this script in your iMacros...
  5. shottem

    How to get U.S friends only?

    I have this question, if anyone knows how to do this properly, I have 3 facebook accounts (girls) and I want to get only friends from the U.S but it seems like an impossible task. I've tried sending friend request but 100 requests only 5-6 get accepted. All my profile look very real and the...
  6. zenoGlitch

    Breakthrough facebook friend request method!

    So I've been experimenting with some PVA's I bought from my buddy MoneyRocks here on the forum, and stumbled into a method of getting 100+ US friend request in the time it took me to take a shower. I can't let this go to the public yet, BUT if you would like to trade methods, resources, or...
  7. D

    Sending FB fan page suggestions quick?

    Hi, everyone! I'm BHW forum member for the last two years and I'm following new threads daily. I'm a webmaster for the last 5+ years, but never tried FB for monetizing. Now I got a question that may sound lame, but I really need your help. I have a Facebook application fan page linked to a...
  8. M

    10,000 Incoming Friend request $99

    Someone asking on a different topic,figured I would post it here. Found and they offer Incoming Friends of 10,000...20,000 or 50,000 !!! No username or password needs to be giving because they are incoming request Hope this helps! PS. They also offer Plays and Views for...
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