friend bomber

  1. Y

    Friend Bomber vs BMID vs ToolStar vs FB Sharer Pro

    Hey guys, I have been looking to get into FB marketing and am looking for the best group posting software for the price. I have found 4 options all a bit different in terms of what they offer and all have their pros and cons. I want to know who out there has tried them and what your thoughts...
  2. iamkhan2

    FaceDominator 2 Release??

    Hope all is well for everyone today! I am looking for some advice on Facebook Marketing Software I got the trail for Facedominator, and have seen lots of mixed reviews on it. I seem to be having the same problems as many others, I have having trouble using the Mass message, Friend Request...
  3. A

    Please help! how can i authenticate phone numbers verfication for fb

    Hi i am kinda new here and i just wanted to know if there is a way to authenticate my fb accounts when using tools such as friendbomber. I have been trying out the software but i always get stuck when i try to create fb accounts as i need to provide a mobile number. my questions are as follows...
  4. Dropl

    Friend Bomber - Facebook Marketing Software - 100's Of Features - Free Demo (BHW Promo)

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