friend adder

  1. T

    Can proxy in Germany be used to add friends in Serbia?

    I'll be trying to do some friend adding automatisation on Facebook. I'll be using proxies to do the job. The problem is that in Serbia there are no proxies! I can easily find German proxies and similar. If I use a German proxy to acccess Facebook, will Facebook block my accounts if I start...
  2. K

    Facebook friend adder?

    Just wondering if there is still a facebook friend adder that is working in 2016 ????
  3. hidaskc

    Fb mass friend adder - 30k+ emails (Hit 5000 friends in One day)

    This is my first BHW thread. Download 30k+ email list from here : bit .ly/ 1m2aXiP (remove spaces). Copy and Paste all in Invite friends box and enjoy..!
  4. S

    autosharing and / or auto friendship requester

    hi. i'm looking for an autofriendship requester. similar to the like ones, but sending a friend request to a determinated profile instead of a like page. Is an autosharing button? I mean: When you click in some part, facebook would share a content. I'm looking this for facebook. Thanks.
  5. D

    FFAP Vs FaceDominator

    Hi guys, Sorry if this has been asked multiple times, but I was wondering which people thought was better, FFAP or Facedominator? I have facebook blaster pro myself but don't like how it doesn't support proxies. Any reviews of either? Cheers
  6. T

    Bring Facebook fans from one page to another

    I want to get as many of the 50k fans as possible from a competitor's fanpage to like my fanpage. PM me with your method and quote.
  7. M

    Facebook Blaster Pro 8.0

    did any one try Facebook Blaster pro 8.0. i am facing porblem. it is not working in my pc. Any suggestion??
  8. G

    Has anybody got a Tagged Friend Adder bot?

    Hi all! I'm looking for a friend adder bot for tagged if anybody has one? preferably winsock if possible. I used to use the one by needsy but it's not working anymore. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you all :)
  9. I

    [Q] Comparing Facebook Software

    Hello BHW, I have been reading about Facebook posts these days, and I hear a lot about FaceWizard and Facebook FriendAdder Pro. My question to you is, what's the difference between the two? seems to be down at the moment, and there are many Facebook FriendAdder Pro clone out...
  10. B

    Twitter Friend Adder

    I have been using Twitter Friend Adder for a month now. Its works really well. The only problem that I have is finding new proxies to use. The Lively staff is really good at answering questions, I contact them via skype so... Has anyone else used this product?
  11. T

    Trouble with Facebook Friend Adder

    I downloaded Facebook Friend Adder and I am not sure how to use it. I can't find the user manual or anything that should have been downloaded with it. I am not sure if it downloaded correctly or not. If someone has this application and could help me out, it would be much appreciated. Thanks
  12. finerpleasures

    Twitter Friend: Still Working?

    Dudes and Dudettes !!! Is any1 experiencing problems with pyro's friend adder. Please share how BHW-pips can combat this handicap. Thanks for your generousity!
  13. V

    How To Get Over 1000 Targetted Twitter Followers In 3 Days

    This is very easy and will take you under an hour of work total. The basic idea is to follow a bunch of people in the niche you are in, then the next day you unfollow everyone that isn't following you back. Then rinse, repeat. How do you do this? Easy. I created a free tool that will do this...
  14. S

    Seriously the best way to gain friends!!!!

    So this website "" actually works. Its a bunch of links to the best "myspace trains" and all i do is to add my friend ID to all of them every day and I get 100s of friends every day!!!! try and let me hear what you think!!!
  15. CashDummy

    please delete this

    Sorry Please delete this post. Please delete this
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