1. C

    Accept all facebook requests using imacros

    Can anyone tell how to add all pending facebook freind requests using imacros...i try it but not succeed....give me steps to do that
  2. stanimus

    Hey, looking to make IM freinds

    hey all, been a member a long time soaking in the knowledge, had a few attempts in the past for fun (just random experiments such as amazon affiliate, tumblr instagram facebook botting ect) im a 22yr old computer science student from the UK im looking finally start working to earn some real IM...
  3. O

    Facebook subscribers

    I would like more facebook subscribers, can anyone do this gig?
  4. E

    Lets trade Facebook Friend lists!

    I have an account with 1271 friends with and ALL these people I've collected from CL on searches for Jobs. Let me know if you can ad me your friends to my FaceBook Page! And i'll do likewise to you. I need Only USA friends and if possible people who are interested in electronics or use a Mac...
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