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  1. yusufxdigital

    Hello world!

    This is Yusuf Ramzan. Freelance Content Creator & Digital + Social Media Expert! Someone suggested me to join BHW so i did! I'll try to be active and answer question related to my field of expertise. Also if you need to know anything related to Freelancing & Digital Content Creation just respond...
  2. KHR

    How do you handle/manage client as a Freelance Web Developer.?

    Hello Devs, Hope all are doing well. I have some questions, Hope the experts will help: How do you manage a stubborn client who always argues (know nothing, though).? How do you handle the payment when the project is canceled after you completed 70-90% of the work. Thanks for the Advice.
  3. seoxz

    Paid Gig Need Endorsements

    Need Endorsements on my freelance profile for which you dont need to spend anything after placing the review send me the link and you will be paid. Need someone for bulk endorsements or single would work as well. For each endorsement that is around 2 line comment you will get $1.
  4. P

    Looking for Freelancer website Biding Partner witgood commission of revenue that you bring to us

    Hello guys, looking for Freelance Business Development Partner, should have good experience in freelance biding, should have good rating and are capable of bringing projects to us lets connect and explore this opportunities
  5. Cent Joseph

    Become a successful freelancer.

    Hello Friends Have a wonderful day. There are huge and huge outsourcing and programming marketplaces are available in this online world. You have to go for any search engine and type- Outsourcing marketplace. You will get minimum 85 listed marketplaces. There every seconds several thousands...