freelance jobs

  1. lepman

    ⚡[Chrome Extension] Upwork Job Notifications - Get Instant Popup Job Notifications, Become the First Freelancer to Submit Proposal

    Announcing for the first time on BHW!!! Are you a freelancer on Upwork? With this Google Chrome extension you'll never miss out on new jobs from Upwork. Set up your filters, sit back and relax. Whenever you get a notification you can submit a proposal right away - beating your competition...
  2. K

    Buying ClickBank product Get paid back instantly plus $15 to your paypal

    There is a ClickBank product that I need to purchase. For some reason, specific countries Clickbank doesn't accept payment even thru Paypal. The product costs $27. I will pay back immediately $27 plus another $15 for the service, making $42 back to his PayPal account. These are the steps to...
  3. L

    Can I even freelance yet?

    Hey i have skills in programming such as c# sharp, javascript, a little php, and a little python. I also create several macros using imacros and autoit. I manage to create some http bots, web automation bots, and computer programs such as clock timers, etc. I also did create some macros on...
  4. B

    ***Follow Liker Expert Needed*** Instagram

    Hi, I am looking for an expert in Follow Liker to have a payed consultation via Skype about strategy and settings and queries for my 5K follower Instagram account. I am only looking for advanced users with proven experience with Follow Liker on Instagram. Thank You BL
  5. O

    Adding 21k Facebook friends for $350

    I have a list of Facebook?s UIDs (about 21k IDs). I need you to promote my business to the list by: 1) Change your facebook name, cover, photo to my desire 2) Start mass adding these people on January 5th, GMT+7 time zone As the list is highly specific, when these people see the profile...
  6. M

    Looking for Zeerk gigs designer [ $$ ]

    I have 4 Zeerk micro jobs, I need some pictures designed to put into the job's page. They will have text explaining the micro job and etc..
  7. I

    Skype Session On Followliker

    Hi, I use follower liker and get ok results with it. I'm trying to up my game up and switch my whole team to followliker other than instagress. I need to know about how to run proxies, how to know if a password of an user has been reset when I enter it into followerliker, how to dm certain...
  8. L

    I need ongoing SEO (for my company and my clients) by a PROVEN SEO specialist.

  9. L

    Data Miner or Data Collector

    Hi I am looking for someone who has or who can collect data. Specifically I would like to target UK University students Thanks
  10. L

    Freelance content writers wanted!

    Hello, I am searching for freelance content writers to write articles of various lengths and subjects. All of the articles are to be written in British English and should meet the guidelines which accompany each set of articles. An excellent level of English is a must! Applicants must be...
  11. D

    Need a site translated to Spanish

    All you have to do is make a copy of my website and translate it in to spanish PM me and I will provide you with the details. Please do not contact me if you have less than 30 posts on BHW. Will pay through paypal after the work has been completed.
  12. B

    SEO expert required

    I have 2 e-com UK web sites (5 & 9 yr old) which are sliding down the index since past 6 months on my good ranking keywords. Traffic has gone down from 1500/day to 250/day for one of them. I have already tried some services from this forum but with no luck. I need a quote from SEO experts to...
  13. lawton

    Need a web designer/programmer for quick project

    I have a site I need designed/programmed. Probably around 6 pages. If you have a "freelancer" type script that could be customized it would probably be very easy project. It is not a get a freelancer site but has some of the same features. If this is something you can do please pm me for...
  14. T

    Need some Native Article Writers

    I am in need of some native writers for my regular basis article writing tasks. Payrate will be $1.75-$2 per 500 words. Candidates should be able to deliver at least 4 articles a day and becareful about the deadlines. Payment will be through paypal or Getafreelancer escrow system ( The system...
  15. B

    Need Help Altering Paypal and maybe clickbank Earnings

    I need someone who knows what they are doing and who has done this before. Please pm me if you can help and how much it will cost.
  16. L

    Need Helpers doing jobs for me, more like business partners

    I want to know if anyone would like to place my ads on web sites, blogs, and were ever else to make a commision I will pay you good commision. I will pay you by wire transfer to were ever you want, to who ever you want, no Pay Pal, or anything like that, and you must make $200 first time, then...
  17. showbizvet

    copy and paste job - Freelancers needed

    This is easy but tedious. I don't have a lot of money for the job, but I'm not expecting you to do it free. Here's the job... We will look at one website's list of personnel, then copy a selected portion of that data to a second website's database. There is a feature (checkbox) so you...
  18. E

    I need work !

    I have tried many ways explained on this forum to make money , but none of them seems to work. So i think that freelance is the best for me . This i what i can do : - basic php , html , css - basic photoshop - can install any kind of php script - forum , CL , yahoo answers ...
  19. xbox360gurl70s

    Freelance Writing Job - very cheap - FLOOR PRICE

    Ok folks. I have one of my new writers aboard our freelance unit. She is looking to buy an airconditioning unit for Christmas. So she will take the extra plunge for a freelance job. Since she ain't superwoman and she sure got less time due to her working for me of course, She has came up with...
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