free web design

  1. G

    Free simple/portfolio websites & landpages

    Hi everyone I’ve been reading this forum for a long time but now I’ve decided to be a part of it. I want to start by rendering some of my services for free to a few people to build my reputation and relationship with other members. I created another thread about giving out free app installs...
  2. Rikabu

    Free hosting, domain with SSL, perfect for starters

    I'm planning on writing a guide on How to set up a website wholely free with a SSL certificate. Perfect for beginners to practice on, perfect for the landing page, and the opportunities are limitless with the Free website setup. Is anybody interested?
  3. armur

    [METHOD] The Complete Newbie-Friendly Guide to Setting Up a Website for FREE

    Hey, guys! I grew up in what I would like to refer to as the 'Golden Age of Torrenting'. It was the mid to late 2000s when people no longer bought cassette tapes and the streaming platforms of today hadn't been started yet. Oh, and Software As A Service (SAAS - I hate that term ) wasn't a thing...
  4. Z

    [FREE] Landing Page Redesign

    Just got laid off, and got some free time to give back to the forum. I'm willing to redesign clickbank, CPA, or any other landing page.