free stuff


    Pre-landers and Sweepstakes: do you use them?

    Some say that pre-landing pages in sweepstakes offers guarantee at least 50% of its success (others would even give it 70%). In any case without pre-landing pages a user potentially interested to get an iPhone or a voucher might not get to the final step - and we really don’t want THAT. So...
  2. EternalFun


    Found this in a group but still don't know how they are giving away such high config RDP for free. Anyways - 1) 2) get started. 3) Select desired configurations. 4) Use random details 5) Check mail for login details 6) Connect via RDP
  3. GainTheImpossible

    (GET) FREE DA 91 Backlink - ******** Register, confirm your email, login. Add an username(preferably anchor or brand name) Then at about me, make sure you leave your website with It is do-follow and indexable(As I've already checked) to make it sure, put the link in gsa and...
  4. monty666

    Hi. Teach Me please!

    Hey im new here. I just got into ecommerce. A few months ago. I own a website, , we sell mushroom spores and i am not a developer or a marketing expert . im here to hopefully learn the real ins and outs of online business management. Merry christmas! Mush love!
  5. TheSoloAct

    Creative Market free stuff on Mondays

    In case you don't know, on Mondays, Creative Market (a good place for fonts, graphic assets, templates, mockups, etc Most of the stuff on CM is very high-quality and premium. And as a result, there's a fee for most of the stuff. But if you make an account, on Mondays, you'll get six free goodies...
  6. xReminisce

    Free Training in Mobile, Social media and Online Ads Comes with Certificate !!!

    Time to surrender to google peeps ! The video
  7. torikul

    [GIVEAWAY] iOS App - Firematch - for Tinder Save$5.99

    Download Instantly and Save $5.99 and Become a Master Tinder Pickup Artist with Firematch. No ads, just super tools for Tinder. Simply search on iOS App Store " Firematch - for Tinder "
  8. D

    How to get stuff free from Anywhere Part 2

    This thread is in regards to a thread I just saw on the forum about how to get stuff free, this is just my addition and more detailed info as I have mastered this task. Amazon was the main company mentioned but my take is, you do not need to contact Amazon sellers, there are already websites...
  9. D

    Where Can I sell?

    I know there is some area of threads on BHW But I can't find where they are, I'm looking to sell services Like GFX, Methods to get free things off of amazon etc. Any help is appreciated!
  10. F

    Need a little help in virus scanning files first?

    Hi I need help in doing that virus scan on files first before i give stuff away on here?, i have searched the forum and can not find a tutorial on what needs to be done before uploading stuff to share? I have stumbled across a website that has a freebie section like blackhatworld but this site...
  11. R

    Looking for Azon Reviewers in return get Free products

    We are currently looking for senior members who can provide excellent unbiased review about the product we sell on different online channels. In return you get product for completely free to keep. Only senior members allowed. Product ranges any where from $5 to $100. Please PM me for more...
  12. dbyrn

    [GET]Do you have a VPS? Get some free stuff!

    Hi, Do you have a Windows VPS? If so I have an interesting proposal for you. In exchange for some information (it will take you up to 15 minutes) I will give you for free (pick one): 1. PHPLD directories blast (a couple of hundreds submissions) or 2. Blog comments SB blast on a nice...
  13. D

    Free 65$ Adwords as a welcome to a new member

    KJ4U-U8A2-RZ7A-LN3V-P5S KJ4U-U8N3-483S-KHG8-W2J KJ4U-U9AT-Z38B-U6SH-MUJ 7H2W-E8LJ-4KEC-WU66-DLFJ KJ4U-UAXG-RPXF-6EYF-NJJ KJ4U-UBJU-TJAG-LK7P-JV2 7H2W-DSM9-Z3SW-RCLW-UHLA 7H2W-DT3A-7JXV-8M9M-FHK2 7H2W-DT5R-ATGQ-BJ5V-8VUS 7H2W-DTE7-EYT5-V82E-X7D2 65$ free adwords vauchers. Please use only...
  14. nihalsad

    GreenZoner invite

    Does anyone have account in Green Zoner?Can anyone please send me a invite.My email is megamindnihal(at) Thanks in advance.
  15. W

    free mocha at mcdonald's today.

    McDonald's is giving out 7 oz samples of hot or iced mocha, i think it's today only (Monday) til 7 pm. it is valid, i tried it. no coupon needed and no purch necessary either. more info here:
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