free sms

  1. KJREDDY247@

    Send Unlimited SMS FOR FREE: How does these things works Exactly?

    I am not promoting these there might be 100's of sites like these, but I am really curious how these things work exactly, any one of our members build something like this in here?
  2. cojocusd

    How to Send SMS from "1831" number worldwide, unlimited free:D :D

    Hello guys today i;ll show you how to send free sms customized worldwide. If you need a service like that or if my post will help you please share with others:D Well here are the "process" !!! I'm not promoting any affiliate link or something that can bring me some profit so please don't reply...
  3. 1

    Free Mass SMS Blasting Program/Strategy?

    What's up guys, I'm transitioning my retail business into an online ecommerce site and I'd like to be mass texting my already established cell phone client list to let them know and push some promotions. Is there a free or very cheap SMS blasting program or strategy that will let me text...
  4. S

    [HOT] Send Free SMS Worldwide - IOS/Android

    Send Free SMS Worldwide these simple steps: 1) Download Heywire root 4.7 for Windows here:goo. gl/E3MKCs (delete spaces in the links) 2) Download and install Heywire in your device: IOS apple store direct link: goo. gl/FDEAMj Android Play store direct link: goo. gl/8dovud 3) Connect your...
  5. V

    Send free SMS to US - testing new server

    Hello everyone! Since me occasionally have to make SMS sending (SMS bulk) to US, I decided to test the new server. So when I had free time, I decided to make a simple site (consisting of one page), with which you can send free SMS to US. My little site: valind . tk My site is in test mode...
  6. H

    Send SMS Texts Free Online

    Found this cool site - allows you to send a text to various locations around the world from your computer.
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