free graphic design

  1. D

    Offering Logo Design for Tutoring from BING EXPERT

    I would like to get some laser sharp training from a BING EXPERT. In exchange I would design some logo's, of an agreed upon number. I need strategies to of course CREATE WINNING CAMPAIGNS. If you are not a BING EXPERT and know of one, I would appreciate you forwarding this thread to them...
  2. C

    [Free] Signature Text Logos and awesome Style Design [ Free ]

    Hey All . Check the Designs Below . i can convert your Name in these styles if you are interested . Free for all . i prefer skype for conversations .
  3. W

    Graphic Designer Free :D

    Hello! My name is Andrew. I have experience in graphic design.. i worked for famous softwares, websites, banners, infographics and much more. I want to help someone, for FREE. If you need any graphic, just pm me and i'll be glad to help you.
  4. cburton81

    Free Squeeze, Sales, & Thank You Page Graphics - Use, or Build and Sell

    Here is a Free Graphics Folder that you can use to build your own Squeeze or Sales Pages. You can make money selling products on your own created sites or you can build the sites and sell them. I hope some of you can find some good use for these and make some money...
  5. K

    Request GFX here (free)

    Hello guys! I'm pretty new to these forums so I thought I'd say hello and start out by offering my skills. Banners, signatures, avatars, wallpapers, buttons, logos, whatever you want. Just tell me what you need, and I will see what I can do. (FYI: I won't do full-page website designs)...
  6. sfidirectory

    FREE logos and web design in return for xrumer blast

    Hi everyone, I am wondering if someone would do an Xrumer blast for me in return for me designing logos, websites etc? I am finding ways of making some extra $$$$ as I have heard alot of good things about Xrumer and it sounds like its definitely worth the $500 odd it costs, but until then I...
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