free design

  1. Game of Squid


    not only you get inspired but you can even export the designs that you find to .SVG format, then you can import them to any software. this website has a ton of free power point, google slide templates you can download or get inspired from.
  2. Rachmaninoff

    [FREE] Designs, Videos, Mockups from Placeit

    Disclaimer: This giveaway is not for lazy people. If you want it for free, then you gotta earn it. I'm here trying to help you skipping the $14.95 monthly fee. So here is how to claim the giveaway: Must have 50 posts. 1. Signup for free at 2. Pick anything you like...
  3. kikiriki

    [Giveaway] How to design attractive Quotes for social media and blogs - PREMIUM

    Hey BHW family, This is my course that i created and i am more then happy to share it with you! This is the very first time ever that i recorded myself and the first course i created ever so i am very excited! What i show in this course is how i create simple and attractive quotes almost...
  4. C

    [Free] Signature Text Logos and awesome Style Design [ Free ]

    Hey All . Check the Designs Below . i can convert your Name in these styles if you are interested . Free for all . i prefer skype for conversations .
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