free airdrops

  1. N

    I need to make at least 10$ worth of crypto to start trading !!

    Long story short, i happened to lose my 250$ worth of Eth by sending them to the wrong address, my bad. So i'm asking if you can help me with any site or airdrop that pays directly so i can start trading again. And i live in africa that's why i can't buy with fiat. Plus, some sites are not an...
  2. Textsurfer

    Any decent airdrops happening right now?

    Hello everyone. I was wondering if you guys have any idea about some airdrops that I can sign up for? Last time some of you here recommended to join the REBL airdrop and I managed to earn 3000 of them for free. I completely forgot about them and now I can sell them for $150 (I'm not going to do...