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  1. A

    Forum Posters - Only High-Rated Profiles

    We are looking for those (freelancers or companies) who already have high-rated profiles on large forums. Good English knowledge and links to your profiles are required.
  2. cgood4all

    Senuke X - Help with adding Links in Forum Profile Module

    I've searched everywhere (google, forums, youtube) and I can't seem to find my answer. (maybe because I don't know how to word my search) Is there a way to post two links in the "New Forum Profile Project" with one being a static url (money site) and the other a random url (web 2.0 etc)? All I...
  3. D

    White hat forum profiles

    Have an idea, want to share it: Make an account in forum. Do 5-10 posts daily till you reach about 50-70 posts. Now add a link in you profile. Your posts will index your profile. Now, how to find those forums in which you are allowed to put anchor text in your account(profile)? As I...
  4. deki33

    [27,000+ Backlinks From ONLY $9] Xrumer Forum Profile Backlinks + Premium Indexing

    Hello, Last 10 months I'm providing this linking method on weekly bases to several SEO clients with high competitive sites. One of clients sold his network of weigh loss supplements sites and left me with all servers and tools that I'm paying monthly. In order to cut costs I'm...
  5. hellonwheels

    Can Google "Read" A Forum Profile That Requires A Login?

    I place a lot of backlinks in forum profile pages. Some of them require me to login to view the profile page. I read that if I have to login to view, then Google can't view them either and can't find my backlinks. Is this true or another myth?
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