forum poster

  1. Floramargar

    I'll Hire few forum posters and article writer..

    I'm looking for forum poster and blog commenter. I'll pay you for each replay/comment/post PM me or replay back here.
  2. J

    Forum Poster Rate

    Hi guys! I'm thinking about hiring a forum poster for a business I run. My question is how much should I pay for someone to post in the same forum a couple times a day? It's a huge forum and I'm sure they will see my link in my profile. Obviously, I'm going to have to hire someone with great...
  3. sanj108

    Which features would be best for a multipurpose proxy browser?

    Currently looking for a proxy browser that has ability to use portable versions of all good browsers to browse various sites simultaneously. I need to use that to login to same sites like facebook, IG, Tumblr etc. from all different browser with different IPs added in. Need to have ability to...
  4. J

    Want to hire forum posters

    Hello, I'm looking to hire some forum posters for my webmaster forum. Here are the details: 1. Rate: $0.1 per post or thread 2. Maximum 5 posts or threads per day. 3. No more than 50 posts or threads from one account. 4. Must be in good English. 5. Payment through PayPal after earning $5. I...
  5. C

    Make Some ash Renting your Signature Space

    The tittle say's it all. Make some 💶ash by displaying my banner and url on your BHW sig space Please, no multiple link's or banner on your signature link if, i'm paying for the space i,think there should be no competitive with other ads My Budget is $20 per month I can continue with the...
  6. H

    Looking for fatwallet and slickdeals poster

    Hi, I need some forum members of Fatwallet or SlickDeals with reputed accounts to post deals/coupon code for our products. I will give you content, u just need to do some reorganization. And we would like to establish a long-term partnership with you. I will pay for each thread(let's discuss...
  7. S

    Looking for Forum poster

    Hello, I am looking for poster who can post on forums according to my requirement. 1. you must be able to tokanize content before postings. 2. you must be able to do it regularly without taking gap. please pm me if anyone of you interested to take a chance. Looking forward your PM's to hire...
  8. M

    Anyone a GOOD members of SlickDeals.netand fatwallet? Wanna make some cash?

    I am looking for old account posters on slickdeals and fatwallet forums, it's also ok for other same type forums. I have a physical propuct currently offing 40+ discount and additional coupon for 5%. I need your help to shout it out. I need a quality thread. happy to pay for quality Many...
  9. K

    [WTH] Niche Forum Poster & Yahoo Answer

  10. Z

    Need Idea/Solutions- Registering and Creating Posts in my Own SMF Forums

    As the title suggests, I have a couple of blank SMF forums that I need to post to. As the forum script doesn't allow creating accounts from same IPs I need proxies to register users and then create posts. That;s probably one idea to start registering dummy user accounts. I can use the same to...
  11. S

    Hiring Freelancers for Forum Posting for Micro Job Sites

    We are looking for freelancers to do forum posting jobs, interested can PM me and I would give details. The forum posting is for micro job site. Thanks in advance.
  12. H

    Paying $250 for forum posts

    paying $250 for 1000 forum posts (forum about Forex) your English must be good the posts need to be related to the threads posts are moderated so it is not instantly added 1. Advertising posts are not rewarded. 2. Posts must be original and pithy. 3. Flooding and off-top posts are not rewarded...
  13. poweronics

    Need someone from Pakistan to do forum posting work.

    Hi I need some one from Pakistan(ONLY Pakistan) to do forum posting work for me. The pay will be $0.1 per post or its equivalent in Rs. Payment will be done for only the post that is not deleted and stays at the forum. Payment mode and process along with the work details will be discussed...
  14. S

    Searching for a forum search/poster tool..

    Hello everyone I'm new to blackhats... I'm searching for a tool which you can search for forums and posts by inserting keywords.. And also a good forum poster.. Please help?? Thanks in advance!
  15. crazyflx

    NEW - Completely Automated (and Free) Forum Profile Creator & Poster - Lots of Features

    EDIT: I added a video showing this thing in action to the bottom of this post. I suggest that if you're going to watch it, you watch the whole thing as it shows very clearly how to use this software. The video is very short, and is best watched at YouTube in full screen HD so you can read...
  16. J

    SCRAPEBOX!! Forum Poster? Bye Bye Xrumer!

    Oh be still my heart, are the rumors true? Are the makers of our favorite blackhat program, Scrapebox, preparing for the launch of their very own forum poster? Given the amazing track record of support and updates led by the Scrapebox team, I can only imagine that it would be the best forum...
  17. N

    Help Please ! Forum Software

    Dear All the member of black hat, First, i wanna thanks for all who view on my post and anyone else can tell me which software and best for post on forum.I had tried few b4 like multi-poster not good enough for me and the system like not really works for me. Your help will be always appreciate...
  18. smartsem

    Need a Forum Poster To Post a sales Thread

    I need a forum poster to post a sales thread in DP and 2 other forums like DP of your choice. I am unable to post a sales thread because my account don't have the permission to post these types of thread.I will pay $1 just to post a Thread. Once the sale is done I will pay $5 extra to you.
  19. F

    What is a good forum poster tool?

    Hi, I am looking for software that really works and that will post my message to a list of provided forums. I would also like to be able to register and not post. I would also like the software to be able to include a forum signature. I have heard that xrumer is the best, does this do...
  20. Y

    Auto Forum Poster

    Hey guys, I've looked around through Search and can't find anything that works properly or doesnt have a virus. Can anyone suggest any good auto forum poster? Preferabally something that posts to multiple platforms. Thanks!
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