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  1. eaglesWTF

    Forum search + register + posting software - any ideas?

    Hello, I need advices, I'm looking for some program which can handle with these tasks : 1) Forum search - for example I'm looking Instagram forums, I enter keyword |instagram| and it on autopilot searches web for all possible instagram forums, I think there are hundreds of them 2) Forum register...
  2. isellsteroids

    Forum/Social Media tool for multiple profiles and IP addresses

    Most of the forum tools out there are just all about creating a profile, posting your url, and moving on to the next profile. I need a tool that can create profiles, assign an ip to each of them, so I can develop the profiles, and raise their "rep" points. Right now, I've just hired people...
  3. RobotDestruct

    Automatic Backlink Software For Mac?

    Can someone tell me if there are ANY good programs for automatic backlinking for Imac or automatic commenting, forum profile... ANYTHING at all... Not to excited to run a different OS just to run a program, but open to amazing suggestions. Anyone, please?
  4. kirkonpolttaja

    Future Article Marketing Robot Features?

    Looks like they are going to launch forum bot, bookmark assault and directory features in future... you can check this out yourself by opening newest Article Marketing Robot.exe file away from installation folder so it wont reach other files when opening and it should show error... click...
  5. bullseye123

    How to Populate a SMF Forum ?

    Hi All u Guru's, I need some Ideas or Help. How can I auto populate a forum for the first time ? Is there any tools that does actually work ? Preferably something that wont cost you an arm and a leg but will do a good job ? Thanks in advance all!!:)
  6. S

    Forum Post Robot Help

    I used forum generator and was happy to see it still works but it only works on phpbb forums :(. I need to be able to generate a forum on a vbulletin though. I found Forum Post Robot but I am having trouble getting it to work. Anyone ever use this? and also can you please help guide me through...
  7. B

    Looking for the next best thing to xrummer

    I have been looking into xrummer, but the cost seems very high, l have also been looking at other forum posting software l have found a few, but cant make up my mind on which one to purchase, if anyone could advise me on the next best software forum poster, l would be greatfull
  8. O

    I need an autoposter coded, details inside

    Hello, Can a programmer write a tool for me, at what price ? If you're interested, feel free to reply on this thred or by PM. I need a forum autoposter, but not another xrumer. I target less than 100 boards, to share free adult stuff hosted by websites who pay me for the downloads. These...
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