1. thesyndicate

    Is there a free wordpress plug in that make forms like Jotfoms or google forms

    Is there a free wordpress plug in that make forms like Jotfoms or google forms. I checked google but I want to see if someone used one that works.
  2. M

    Looking for a way to sell source code for a Win Forms app

    Greetings! I've been working on afk money-making script for the online game (GTA Online), that will generate in-game income, while user is running it in the background. There are uncommon and good ways to monetize it, due to how long app is going to run in the background (1-10 hours), there's...
  3. Xaggerating

    Wordpress Plugin Coder

    I am looking for someone that would be able edit a plugin I have. It is a form creating plugin that accepts payments and I need there to be a field added which can allow a user to type a coupon code in and then give a discount to the total order amount or to subtract from the cost of a specific...
  4. sfidirectory

    Need help with Javascript + html ordering form

    Hi everyone, So this is my first real crack at Javascript, for this example I have tried to make an order form with Javascript that does the client-side validation of form fields. What I am wanting to do is when the user selects a "quantity" from the dropdown menu, the subtotal is automatically...
  5. T

    Looking for someody to create a form from a pdf

    Basically what I need is this: My company has a pdf we have our clients download, print, fill out and then fax or email us back. We obviously want to make it easier so what we want to do is convert the application into a sign up form. Looking to pay $15 or so. Can probably be finished within...
  6. S

    New Program to Make Money Today! searches for people looking to sell their stuff now! We buy cell phones, laptops, gaming consoles, video games, desktops, digital cameras, gps devices, books and much much more! Our services gives instant offers to buy your old, unwanted, used/ or broken stuff. We are looking...
  7. H

    How do I add a form to my site?

    I added forms to my site before but I forgot which script I used. I just need to add a simple 8 field form which will be sent to my domain email. There are sites that give you th script but they redirect to their own site after the user fills it out. Are there any free scripts or programs out...
  8. N

    PHP Form to Iframe

    Anyone have a script for PHP form / survey data designed to pass to iframe. I am working on surveys that are integrated to external sites via iframe. Need to pass form data into Iframe. Best I can tell I just use $_POST and $_SESSION .:cool: However, don't want to hack my own code and would...
  9. rocket

    [REQ] Autocomplete Form Tool

    Hi all, I need a tool that can auto fill forms. Here's the catch, i need it to support multiple profiles. I need this to submit to the main bookmarking sites that BMD cannot create accounts for. I need to speed the process up as much as possible. I know i can outsource, which i might do, but i...
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