foreign languages

  1. lostgringos

    Is ISIS hacking Twitter with Spam?

    My Twitter account has been inundated with spam and in the Arabic language. The more I try to filter this Arabic spam it seems the more I get. This spam is taking over my account. I have tweaked my settings and have contact Twitter and still that spam in Arabic keeps coming. I think it is...
  2. T

    Make money in the country where you live to restrict competition?

    So, which method you'll choose if you live in Belgium or in Italy? I've tried the 10$ month one on this section: take a niche, put on a website and cold call all the workers. Waste effort for me ( i'm not good enough to cold call honestly) I was guessing trying CPA limiting them to only...
  3. T

    A list of good educational projects

    Dear all, I'd like to share with you several educational projects for learning foreign languages: 1. Uz-Translations - Foreign language materials for free: dictionaries, textbooks, software, video and audiocourses 2.GreyLib - Books in foreign languages: sci-fi, fantasy, thriller, detective...
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