1. RMasta

    Looking for Editorial Links

    I am looking for Editorial links on top tier publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Financial Times, Bloomberg, NY TIMES, CNN, BBC + Top Chinese editorials. Please send me your lists and prices.
  2. H

    Looking for an article for Forbes, Yahoo or any major publication

    I need this asap payment ready and all little negotiations please contact. Article is well worth it not a reach. Celebrity placement!
  3. gdgtzz

    Targeted Press Release Distribution To 3000 News Sites

    Introduction Send your press release directly to up to 3000 journalists targeted to your niche. We handpick 3000+ journalists based on the category of your release and send it directly to them. Better than services that just send them to outlets and directories. Background Information Over...
  4. INCC

    █████【HARO】█████ PREMIUM LINK BUILDING ♐ The New York Times ♐ Forbes ♐ Wall Street Journal ♐Bloomberg ♐ Washington Post ♐

    FAQ: What is the TAT? TAT can be up to 12 weeks (usually done much sooner). The journalists are not publishing the articles the next day after completing the drafts. Very often they set the publishing date 2 weeks (or more) ahead so it takes time before you can see your links live. Do you...
  5. P

    < Stellar Ranker > Exclusive Sites That You Can’t Easily Get Links On! For Who Seek QUALITY ASSETS!

  6. Now0rNever

    WANTED: Forbes Guest Post

    Looking for someone who can publish my article on Forbes or other sites of equal caliber (preferably full page feature). Please DM me your prices and samples. Cheers!
  7. Now0rNever

    Hi! I’m new here

    Hi BHW! I’m new here. I work in PR and am looking for high quality guest post opportunities for my clients (ie Forbes, Entrepreneur, Reuters, Techcrunch, etc) Hoping to make some valuable connections! Have I come to the right place? Ok, now it’s time to explore the BHW a bit more. If you...
  8. iranker

    Outsource your Manual Outreach Link Building Agency White Label Service

    Link Building is one of the toughest and most time consuming work for SEO. Outsource your Link building tasks. Build Quality links. Let us do the site hunting, prospecting and negotiation. Save time and money. Payment via paypal. Refund policy: 1. We give full refund if we can't deliver...
  9. jamesmiller1998


    Looking for articles posted on Forbes. Please PM your samples. Should be d0follow.
  10. GideonKe

    Today I read the forbes list and started questioning blogging as a business model

    I am using the "Income School" - Approach. I am starting to doubt whether I don't waste my time with that. I am writing about topics that are being searched for and season my posts with affiliate links. But I think: I am investing a lot of time into research, write something that is open for...
  11. W

    Need guest posts on Huffpost, Forbes, and etc.

    Looking for guest post providers whos can get us published on Forbes, Huffpost, and similar websites. Please inbox me with your samples and pricing.
  12. D

    Article/Links from High DA sites- Entrepreneur, Reuters, etc

    Hi I'm looking for someone that can provide do follow links from articles from high DA authority sites. Like Reuters, Marketwatch etc. Also require links from UK sites (do follow only) with high DA. Must be permanent and no PBN's please. PM list with prices. Thanks
  13. H

    Is it safe to buy forbes,bbc,nytimes seo ******** 301 redirect backlinks

    Hi. I saw Many 301 Redirect backlinks service on Fiverr Is it safe to buy forbes,bbc,nytimes seo ******** 301 redirect backlinks directly to my money site?
  14. M

    Forbes, Business Inside etc

    Hello, I need an article published on one or more high ranking sites such as Forbes, Business Insider. Can provide article / copy or work with you to create. Subject is film industry / advertising. Budget: negotiable and dependent on what is possible. DM with details and email. Thank you
  15. P

    Need Someone To Get Me A Link On Forbes

    Topic would be about barndominiums We can talk more via pm regarding pricing and such.
  16. A

    Looking for an Article on Forbes,Thenextweb or any reliable e-news

    Hi , I am looking for someone who can publish an article at Forbes: Featured would be good but mentioned works too. If someone can make a good price (awesome discount ) I'm highly interested!! /Thanks
  17. T

    Who’s making more moolah in advertising than El Chapo selling flour?

    According to Forbes, advertising fraudsters bring home more bread than drug dealers. This is exactly how the article starts: “The average individual ad fraudster makes $5-20 million dollars a year. The average ad fraud corporation pulls many multiples of that”. In 2019, digital ad spend...
  18. jolopie

    Forbes - Publish an Article + Do Follow Link(s)

    Hey, I am looking to have an article (that's already written) to be placed in Forbes, and have it do-follow back to our site. Please PM me with details on pricing, past work and timeline. Thank you! -JL
  19. M

    Featured NEWS Article on Huff Post/Entrepreneur/Forbes/The Economist

    All, I am looking for someone who can publish a featured NEWS article about a person/business (no need backlinks, just info and news) on: Huffington Post Forbes The Economist etc. People with publishing authority may contact. Thank You.
  20. ncikman

    Need Editoral Articles forbes, etc

    Hi BHW, i've been a member since 2014. Always good stuff on here. I am looking to buy a Forbes article and others. I've seen over 5 different sellers, i was wondering if you guys could point me in a good direction or send me some price lists. Thank you!