1. O

    How to find the whatsapp numbers of football (soccer) players agents

    Hi all, I am a budding sports journalists. as some of you may know that many people in this world use whatsapp numbers to chat. I have the agents name but i need their whatsapp numbers but i cannot find it anywhere.
  2. Digitly

    Who will win the 2nd semi-final of the Fifa world cup?

    Between Morocco and France. My prediction: France Surely it will not be easy to beat world champion France, but Morocco looks dangerous. You never know. What is your prediction?
  3. Digitly

    Who will win the first semi-final of the Fifa world cup?

    Between Argentina and Croatia. My prediction: Croatia But I hope Argentina wins this time as I am a big fan of Messi. What is your prediction?
  4. fxkool

    Cristiano Ronaldo LEAVES Manchester United!!!!

    That's kinda sad..
  5. RodGO

    I want the world cup to play on my Site blog

    Hey, I was searching around on the internet after i had the idea to have the world cup watchable(not only stats) on the blog, but couldn't find any, besides the api for the stats of the world cup itself if anyone had an idea, or just knows this is straight up impossible, i would want to know...
  6. Negi Ji

    Ronaldo does partnership with binance

    I just read the news that Ronaldo is doing partnership with Binance to sell NFT'S. What do you guys think about this and do you think it can help crypto reach new heights?
  7. IamNRE

    Where my Latvians at?

    20 - 0.... yikes.
  8. N

    300 subs per month to 15k per month? What method is this channel using?

    We have a channel in a similar space and we've noticed this channel has gone from 300 subs per month on avg to 15k and now averaging around 8k in no time at all. It's not content-based as hasn't changed and we've had several videos go viral too on our channel without these kinds of results...
  9. N

    YouTube Optimisation Consultant For Original Football Channel

    We have a semi-popular football channel in the UK that has a strong CPM and decent following. It's all original shows with long-form content and good retention. We're exploring ways to grow our audience now, especially since a competitor has seemed to have some organic or real huge growth in a...
  10. G

    Which Theme For Football Blog?

    I want to create a blog for football(Soccer) news, I want sidebar or an block with live score / fixtures / point table. Which wordpress theme is good for this?
  11. UpwardDescent

    Italy - England | Who will win?

    Thinking about putting down a larger bet on one of the teams, but I'm uncertain as they've both played as "good". Who do you think will win the cup? PS Wasn't able to find a thread with a poll so hopefully this isn't the 100th thread on this that I'm now opening.
  12. UnusualSubstance

    England wins 4-0 against Ukraine. Good game!!
  13. Tarik wydadi

    Secret method for highlights football

    Welcome How are you doing ? I hope you are fine Recently I saw a Vietnamese person publish his soccer summaries, and I was amazed at the views of his channel, as the title of his summary is always confused so that it does not appear in the search results, but whenever he publishes his summary...
  14. I

    I need someone who can make IG Posts for me in Soccer Niche !

    Hello I need someone who can male posts on my accounts in soccer niche. Especially about Liverpool FC. Transfers, news, what the coach said afer the match and such things. I would make some posts too, but i need someone who makes it regularly. There are many Liverpool IG pages which can be taken...
  15. Nubian Content

    Can Only Ever Be One Invincibles

    Liverpool took a proper beating in the hands of Watford today and failed to set the longest unbeaten record. They also failed to become the second team to go the whole season unbeaten. Arsene Wenger's Arsenal remains the only team to do this. Now I'm not an Arsenal fan, but I'm happy as hell...
  16. BimTop

    Any Idea How to Set Up Football Streaming App?

    Please, could anyone helps with idea on set up and running football streaming business app? What is the earning potential if one decides to stream free? I'm particularly interested in what is needed to stream any football match in the world, start up capital and any other useful info. Thanks
  17. Icey Dan

    Any other NFL fans here?

    The NFL playoffs are right around the corner and it's looking like it could be an interesting superbowl. I was curious if there are any other football fans here on BHW? And if so what is your superbowl prediction? Happy new year! :)
  18. manolo12399

    HIRING (MALAY) and (not Only) people that really like Football (Soccer) to write daily post-English

    Looking for Malay speaking people that write very well and love FOOTBALL 1)1-2 person that really like Football (Soccer) to write daily post in your native language, work on social and work together with a team of SEO. We provide contract and salary paid monthly, this is a full time job 5 1/2...
  19. manolo12399

    Looking for people that really like Football (Soccer) to write daily post-Malaysia-Chinese-Laos

    Looking for Native Laos people, Chinese people and Malayan. 1)1 person that really like Football (Soccer) to write daily post in your native language, work on social and work together with a team to SEO, following instructions. A freelance is needed, but need to have time to work fulltime, this...
  20. manolo12399

    Football News Website Writer Needed 1 LAOS Language

    Looking for 1)1 person that really like Football (Soccer) to write daily post (in Laos Language), work on social and work together with a team to SEO, following instructions. A freelance is needed, but need to have time to work fulltime, this is a full time job 6 days a week. GMT+7 time zone...
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