1. K

    Looking for a freelancer that really knows how to create NFT hype and FOMO

    As the title says, someone who can show/ proof that they worked with several NFT projects (proof metrics, numbers, stats). Have several NFT collections, and now need someone who can help create hype and FOMO. No Twitter promo fake accounts and bots. Prefer Reddit and other channels. Jr. VIPs...
  2. K

    My NFTs (able to draw almost anything) + your NFT marketing and hype

    I'm sure you have heard of the goblintown project. They gave away their NFTs for free but because so much hype and FOMO was created they actually made over 4 million in royalties from OpenSea. I'm an NFT artist and I can design/ draw a lot of different styles. Like that or others. I'm looking...
  3. 4

    Looking for experienced Twitter/ Discord NFT marketer/ promoter who can hype

    As the title mentioned. I have created my own NFT project. 4000 NFTs. Need someone who have sold NFTs before/ selling out collections. Knows how to promote and hype/ create FOMO in a few days. No fake accounts/ bots. Mint will be next thursday, we split 60% your work and 40% for me. Send me...
  4. Toz

    FUD / FOMO: Weak Hands Shake Easily

    Whether it's fear, uncertainty, and doubt... Whether it's a fear of missing out... One thing persists: FEAR. You can either say, "fuck everything and RUN!!!" Or you can say, "face everything and REIGN!!!" It's up to you. This is not financial advice and I am not a financial adviser. Don't buy...
  5. A

    BITCOIN DOWN TO $400 !!!!

    BTC $400 Only joking guys, hope you didn't crap your pants, it is still at very healthy $4000. Surely you guys are buying this shit up? It can't fail can it?
  6. A

    After the Bitcoin Boom: Hard Lessons for Cryptocurrency Investors

    SAN FRANCISCO — Pete Roberts of Nottingham, England, was one of the many risk-takers who threw their savings into cryptocurrencies when prices were going through the roof last winter. Now, eight months later, the $23,000 he invested in several digital tokens is worth about $4,000, and he is...
  7. A

    How Fear Is Being Used to Manipulate Cryptocurrency Markets

    Misinformation campaigns designed to confuse investors are causing chaos. Read it here: