1. W

    Follow Block

    I keep getting followblocks on instagram. 5 Days ago, i changed my follow/unfollow settings to that of a youtuber to follow more people but instantly got followblokced. So i simply turned the follow actions off. Left the like and like comments on for 3 days, and still got action blocked for...
  2. neoxdz

    follow block recovery

    Hello guys, so since 5/06/2019 i've been hit with a followblock on 95% of my accounts, 2 days later and still nothing, did any of you manage to get accounts to follow again normally? i know instagram had a huge outage recently, I also noticed that new accs can follow normally with 0 issues.
  3. bmanfacts

    [FOLLOW BLOCKED!!!] Did I get Follow blocked/Flagged on FL?

    As the title states I'm wondering if I was just flagged by IG, received a followblock, or both (one signalling the other). Here's the story in as much detail as possible without making this long. A few days on my FL bot, I shifted an F/U run to a custom scraped list. Once I switched it on one...
  4. bllec1998

    [ERROR] Instagram Redirects to Homepage IG Botting

    So as the title says: Why do some accounts redirect to homepage whenever they try to follow? In gmt2 shows up as suspicious activity but no way to mail or phone verify when I access through embed browser and it is all fine until I try to follow somebody, it redirects back to homepage... Any...
  5. Uzii

    Instagram Follow Complications-Anyone Else Experiencing?

    Hey all, I've had a fanpage up for one of my other pages for a good bit of time. A while ago, a account on the same proxy experience this weird shadowban type thing but also for those following the account. On this specific account, I haven't really done any botting for the past week or so. In...
  6. G

    I am facing follow blocks in my IG account. what should I do?

    as the title said, I am currently facing follow blocks . I can't follow anyone using the bot. but every thing else works pefectly. liking, DM, commenting, reposting, unfollowing and scheduled posts all work perfectly.. I tried to follow people manually and it works. so, what does this mean? does...
  7. V

    Follow Block on Instagram: Solved

    Hi guys i was getting followblocks on Instagram, that was preventing me from using followliker. I solved this problem by using a residential proxy that i found here in the forum valar proxy (just search in google) . Just put the proxy info in followliker and no more followblocks. It solved the...
  8. ybadr

    Follow Blocks

    Hi, Recently many users here and on other forums are reporting having a lot of follow blocks when botting on Instagram. Changing settings and proxies do not seem to resolve the issue. This thread is for everyone who can give tips or solutions for this general issue. For me, letting the...
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