1. W

    Following on Pinterest?

    Hi, I know that earlier there was a great benefit of doing follow actions on pinterest, but (approx 2 years ago) they've changed something so people don't see info about it, so the followback ratio is much-much lower. I'm thinking to restart following on pinterest. Does anyone has up-to-date...
  2. A

    Followback 1%-3% what?

    Hi, my accounts in instagram in the niche entrepreneurship are only receiving followback 1-3% Is it normal? I just repost viral content, and just follow who likes the posts of my competitors.
  3. Matthijs023

    How to increase followback rate on instagram?

    Currently I'm only getting 10% followback rate max I think my: - Profile pictures are good - name is good - post quality is good - captions are okay I follow around 400 people a day per account but only see like 20 - 40 following me back What could this be?
  4.  ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿.tk

    How to gain 500-650 daily twitter FollowBack followers via free chrome extension

    : mass follow for twitter → requirement: account(s) > 40k followers , who are able to follow up to the daily limit from 1k you can expect an extra boost >650 @ the beginning -_- 500+ with...
  5. C

    Followback Rate [Private] vs [Non-private]

    Thoughts? I have heard mixed answers from fellow bot users.
  6. DavidDurden

    Jarvee - followback ratio is very low

    Hello. I promote my mens fashion account using jarvee. For 400 followers I gave, I received only 21 follows back. People usually likes my photos back, but not follow. Jarvee is set like in this video.: I'm following users that interacted with posts on target accounts. I choose 10 accounts...
  7. deBling

    Follow back

    I just wondering, should i turn on follow back? Laiter on i will unfollow, so its possible to person will also unfollow. Should i waste "credits" for follow back ? What is your experience.
  8. Tecnoloquitos

    Followback software

    Hi, I am using followliker twitter to retweet, tweet, follow, unfollow but I can't find an option to followback can anybody give me some hints thanks forum!
  9.  ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿.tk

    How to get 500 - 650 daily followers →flw FollowBack flwrs

    i use this technique on 2 accounts ¹@mass__flw__app + ²@ SeX today av: 601 what i do •i unfollw* with the filters 3 days¹ and 4 days² ( takes 9-13min ) • i check the stats from 30 accounts from a guy** who gains up to 1400 flwrs/acc/d (...
  10. Adamsheen

    [Curious] How To Get Likes on Insta, FB without coins and sharing works

    Hi Every One, I'm curious to know how some website out there does their business of auto like, follow, follow back etc., On their web portal directly. Anyone know how this work, Peace,
  11. B

    Followliker 0 followbacks but growing

    Hi there! i'm new to followliker and i have 4 accounts running on it, 3 of them are fine, regular follow unfollow stuff... the fourth one though followed about 300 accounts in the last 2 days, got 0 followbacks but still managed to get around 100 new followers from unknown accounts (by unknown i...
  12. ChrisMonkey

    Instagram changing and Top Post problems

    Hi Everyone! I'm relatively new to this so forgive me if I sound stupid. But I have been noticing in the last couple months, and especially randomly over the last few days that my Instagram accounts are performing poorly. I have several personal and portfolio type accounts with good original...
  13. YoLoSwaGMaAN

    MY FOLLOWBACK ratio is complete SH*T!

    so guys I run a personal comedy page of myself, and in the past 11 months have gained 10.4k followers all through F/UF method, my engagement is alright as i target my users through "users who commented and liked" and FLC method using Followliker on average i usually get 30-60 followers by...
  14. S

    Growing Twitter in 2017

    Hi everyone. It has become impossible for me to grow twitter with follow/followback at this point, my +100k aged accounts keep getting locked and I manually have to get in touch with twitter to unlock them. Is there another effective way of growing? I post quality content just not that...
  15. M

    Follow back

    Can someone tell me how to upgrade follow back ratio? It is only 21% now... My account is about mens fashion, so i cant really find good account which followers i should follow... There isnt any account which followers are 80% men...And in what range should that account be? 200k-3m? 3m-10m...
  16. R

    how to get good followback ratio in twitter :simple way

    yes it's very simple to increase your ratio just add 20k fake followers in your account i do some test and its work i gain 100 to 250 followers every day in each account with following 850 to 999
  17. M

    iMacros - unfollow if user doesnt follow you

    Hi there, I'm trying to writte a script on iMacros for unfollowing the users that don't follow me. So here is all the info I've found, what's wrong?: link: [I can't post it cause I'm a newfag in this forum...] I have the same question as the OP of that post: ------------- I am trying to use...
  18. Ronde3123

    [GET] 18.000 Twitter users that follow back. USA & MIAMI + Proof

    Hi guys. I will share my list of users that give followback. This is my private list. Works 100% Filtered by location: First list 18.000 People of usa. Second list 4.500 People of MIAMI. mediafire(dot) com / ?b9p9uz2zl1vzr2m VirusTotal virustotal . com...
  19.  ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿.tk -_- mutual automated follow+followback

    daily points 200 Sending requests with 10 points you can request a follow accepted: a follower + 3 points back rejected or expired after 7 days: 8 points back Incoming requests accepting: + 3 points rejecting: -2 points no action:-2 points after 7 days Massive Unfollowings: account...
  20. Yankin Deez

    Twitter Follow Back txt List?

    Does anyone have a .txt file of a list of twitter users that follow back? Will Rep Please & Thank You!