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  1. M

    Growth Hack?

    Hi everyone, I need your opinion on some growth hack strategies to grow Instagram accounts. I am currently doing follow/unfollow which works but slowly and I would integrate the following: -Mother/slave. Any advice on how to use this strategy at the maximum capacity? -Mass DM via a bot (I...
  2. H

    Follow unfollow extension bot or android based bot ?

    I was wondering to ask which one is the most safer to use for follow unfollow actions is it a simple chrome extension or a android based bot like GramAddict (github). Personally i decided to use directly chrome extension and run it on different browser profiles for each ig account.
  3. N

    Look through my Instagram followers and followings and make a list of any inappropriate accounts

    Hi, I am using a follow/unfollow service to grow my personal account. Unfortunately this sometimes leads to my account sometimes following or being followed by some inappropriate accounts, especially since my niche is entertainment and the creative arts. I am looking for someone to go through...
  4. S

    How to do follow/unfollow method perfectly for personal account?

    This is an account I've had for 10+ years and I use it normally every day. Is it something like 150 actions a day? Is this a number I can increase? I just need to know the basics. Thank you!
  5. N

    BEST Follow/Unfollow - Location, Age, User - Manual/Realistic

    Looking for top tier follow/unfollow which can do it in a manual/realistic/organic way, targeting location, age, and accounts. Real quality; understood if it's slower, top tier work, will pay a respectable/fair price. Needs to guarantee a certain # of followers. No need for comments, etc....
  6. N

    Real Engaged Instagram Followers? Looking for engagement group or similar unique service that is NOT follow/unfollow or mother/child>?

    Looking for someone who can provide a service which will deliver real and engaged instagram followers. I am not looking for mother/child or follow/unfollow, but for a service that works on a different method, but can still deliver real active followers. Please PM me with details about your...
  7. N

    Follow/Unfollow vs. Mother/Child? Which is best?

    What do you think is best? I like mother child as it keeps spam away from the main account, and grows it with natural and interested followers. I like follow unfollow since it also has a direct result, but on the other side, it can gummy up the main account, clutter your feed, an sometimes look...
  8. U

    Manual Follow/Unfollow - Best place to find accounts to follow?

    I was following accounts who posted recently under hashtags relevant to my account. I think that it may be better for my engagement to instead: Set alerts for when popular accounts in my niche post Follow users who comment/like the post The problem is, IG seems to limit the amount of likes it...
  9. N

    Best manual IG follow/unfollow/like service?

    Looking for recs!
  10. N

    Mother/Child vs. Follow/Unfollow

    Which is the better service to pay for in 2022? I like mother/child as it keeps spam away from the main account, but also follow/unfollow seems to lead to more organic growth? Thoughts?
  11. U

    Where to find accounts to follow manually?

    I have been manually Follow/Unfollowing for a while at a slow pace. I normally just follow people who posted recently in relevant hashtags. I think that to get better engagement (comments) on my posts, it's better to follow people who commented on recent posts of similar accounts to mine...
  12. U

    Engagement isn't the best - Start a new account or can I improve it?

    I have a fitness account where I currently post my own lifts and training etc. My account is a 'personal' account, would it be better if I set it to business, or creator? I have 850 followers, and get around 120-180 likes per post, but this is artificially inflated because of likes that I get...
  13. R

    Can getting 'blocks' due to manually f/uf harm your account in the longrun? [full details in text]

    Hi everyone, I have a question in regards to any 'risks' involved with manually following and unfollowing users. As many of you know, automation is essentially dead on instagram. Anyone 'caught' using any automation service/software on your accounts will result in action blocks. I hear that one...
  14. M

    Questions on starting to manual F/U

    Hello, I have an instagram account from 2015 that I have been active on with my travel blog, however, at <3k followers, I'm looking to boost the number utilizing F/U and other methods through my phone via the app on 4G/WiFi. So, my question is, what limits should I set for myself initially in...
  15. roby006

    Questions about manual follow/unfollow method

    I want to start a few accounts and grow them with manual follow/unfollow method. Already got an account and I follow around 300 persons a day...manually select them from related pages, follow and 1-2 likes. My questions are: 1. How many accounts can I use on one mobile device without proxies...
  16. E

    How long does follow block last?

    I have had 5 accounts all follow blocked. I thought I would stop my bot, and wait a week before restarting, but my follows are all still blocked. Is this permanent? There is no message when I try to follow someone - I can click the follow button, and it simply does nothing. No error messages or...
  17. K

    Best Jarvee Settings for automate and randomize follow / unfollow

    Hi guys, Good Morning! I want to know if you have specific settings for automating the follow / unfollow method on Jarvee. Right now I have the settings for two days of follows and one day of unfollows, but some days I unfollow all the users quickly so the tool is not working at the maximum...
  18. U

    We're removing inauthentic likes and followers - Instagram - Running FollowAdder

    This is a personal business account, it's the only one I run. After I got this notice, I shut down Follow adder bot running F/UF. Came back about a week later with Jarvee running in a random mode with night mode enabled. Noting almost the same amount of followers as unfollowing me. It's about...
  19. Lennard Quince

    App for Follow/Unfollow?

    Hey :) I‘m looking for a free iOS app to do follow/unfollow or a free website. I know of Captivate but for some reason I won’t let me log in. Thanks
  20. Paskrtild

    Question about Follow/Unfollow on IG

    Hello, I have a question about the follow/unfollow strategy. Taken for granted that one stays way below the IG limits, is it better to follow and then unfollow on the same day, or to devote one entire day to the follow activity and another complete day to unfollow only? By "better", I mean the...