1. H

    Need a 1-2 pager website made with Python Flask

    Requirements: 1) You will create the website as shown above 2) The user will upload images to the boxes shown where it says "upload image" and they must be visible there only after the upload 3) User will add a title and text where it says upload title upload description ( could be two...
  2. Grimasaur

    How to connect worpress/woocommerce with a python scrip?

    Thats it guys , does anyone knows how to do it? ive been researching and it seems that you can create your own restfull app with flask for python for example and connect it, but im still not sure how to do it does anyone knows somewhere to learn how to do it?
  3. ExtremeRandom

    Need Python3 + Django or Flask text input script

    script what I want is basically a script written in py3 + flask or django. What I want it to do is to receive a URL or any text and then copy that into a local script I have and run it. So: User input on webpage-> input is sent to script -> script runs. The script I made is to open up a...