1. P

    How big of an issue is flagging if doing original material of value?

    I keep reading on here over and over people saying you can count on getting banned shortly after going live from flipping your channel from unlisted to public, etc.... but I'm not very clear on exactly why that is. Is that just because people are posting spammy content, stolen content, or...
  2. R

    Getting Mass Flagged by the competition

    Greetings BHW, I created a few new videos that I uploaded to Youtube this week. I then ranked them to the top of Youtube search and Google for their keywords which are competitive. I sell Social Media Services like youtube likes,views,facebook fans,etc. The competition Mass Flagged two of my...
  3. gmdavid

    CL and Flagging

    Hello, I am looking for help with CL. Everytime I post an ad, it gets flagged within minutes, and it doesnt matter when I post these ads, the same thing always happens. I have also seen ads that are unflaggable, does anyone know how you can make your ads unflaggable? If there is anyone that can...
  4. B

    Stop Flagging Videos Morons!

    Ok, I don't post here often but I have been very successful in making money on youtube but recently to many idiots flagging shit right and left on youtube now. Im sure there is people on BHW that are doing exactly what im talking about, pls stop this shit, you're not just hurting others but...
  5. W

    Youtube Flag Problem

    Is it just me or there is something wrong with youtube flag option? Can't seem to flag a video today... it kept saying "There was an error flagging the video. Please try again."
  6. C

    Wanted: Dallas socks5 proxies for cl flagging

    WANTED: DALLAS SOCKS5 PROXIES FOR CL FLAGGING PM Me. Looking for 500 socks5 DALLAS Proxies for flagging on CL
  7. R

    Why Youtube accepts to delete an account because of flagging ?

    - Hey ;) We know that advertissement is not allowed by Youtube but it could be tolerated in some rare cases. -> And better, we can find technics which allow us to make our video non-commercial look. And that?s what I want to figure out. How to avoid videos/accounts deletion...
  8. E

    Craigs list Flagging

    OK i have a little bit of a different problem. I am in NJ and unlike most that are having their ads flagged, I use CL to buy vehicles. The competition is flagging ads and eliminating the competition. As soon as a good deal gets posted these guys seem to insta-flag giving them the lead almost...
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