first timer

  1. T

    Bonjour Everyone, I'm Terry

    Hello friends! It great joining a forum like BHW. I just read a forum on how to promote porn site and it was amazing, that prompted me to register. Hope to meet great buddies here. Cheers!:)
  2. ralio

    are you new like i am?

    if you are a just joining the bhw i will like to know you, i liike to walk through understanding this platform with newbies like me. thanks.
  3. I

    Hello Black Hat World! Newbie that wants to learn.

    Hello everyone! I'm B! nice to meet everyone. I just wanna start off by telling my story on how I knew about Black Hat World and how I got interested by it. So I used to do ads for a company. Basically I post these ads on hourly basis every single day. I didnt really know what I was doing but I...
  4. A

    New Website Need Info

    Hey guys, me and my brother have just started out making money online. we have set up our first website and have had a $20 return. we are directing people that go to our website to a affiliate link that makes us money per sale. I need some info on how to increase traffic and make more...
  5. T

    Introducing Self

    Hello everyone. Am a N00b and excited to learn about BH methods to get ahead of the Rat race and Just Over Broke world. THanks
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