first blog

  1. gogaka

    30K mrr without SEO

    Hi BHW fam. 13 months ago I started working on my agency and with cold emailing and some google ads reached 30k mrr. Unfortunately I am student and doing my final year so didnt have much time to spear. After 4-5 months of lack of working mrr plummeted to 10k. Now I am graduating and thinking...
  2. Sisyf

    New member introduction

    Salute to the blackhat world community.. In this first post, I'll introduce you guys to some information about my starting point including basic skills and knowledge both in the physical and digital domain My life journey began by buying my first desktop computer in 2010, before that time the...
  3. Hikithe

    My journey- Creating a blog for my state 'Nagaland'

    Hello Guys! I'm planning to start a blog for my state because my native state of Nagaland have been lacking in terms of opportunities when compared to other states in India. Nagaland is a state of India in the remote Northeastern part of the country. She is Lolo Ezung, one of the most popular...
  4. enigmaghost

    is Now A Member

    Hello to all! I would like to introduce myself (anonymously for obvious reasons) to the BHWC, glad to be here. I started initially by using this forum to research unconventional IM techniques and grab some pointers from others, and admire this platform of resources so now I'd like to contribute...
  5. S

    Iam here!!!!!!!!! :)

    :)Hi everyone, I have joined you today..:clap2:hope here i will have best time with you.. wish me All the Best:drinking2:rofl::rofl:
  6. A

    Share your comments on my progress

    Hi everyone. I'm fairly new to this and I am doing in my spare time. (I have been doing bans sites, but I just created my first decent blog) I just need input. I set up a dating blog on wordpress on hostgator. I chose a pretty theme and got all the right plug-ins (all in one seo...
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