firefox multiple proxies

  1. J

    Run Multiple FB Profiles on 1 Computer (Multilogin vs Firefox Profiles?)

    How do all of you run multiple Facebook profiles on 1 computer without any issues? I have already gotten a few different private residential proxies. However, I am currently torn between creating different firefox profiles (+ disabling webRTC), and using multilogin. I heard that both work...
  2. Blakester

    [Firefox Multiple Proxies] How to use many proxies simultaneously without any Add-ons!

    Hello there guys! I was looking for a way to use more than 1 Firefox instances with 1 proxy loaded on each instance. I was looking for add-ons found foxyproxy but the premium version needs money and also I have no guarantee that it will work. The solution was simpler than I thought! 1)...
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