financial freedom

  1. BakaUsagi

    [Journey] Buy my own apartment | stable income of 50,000 a month

    A bit of background, just turned 20 this year, moved to Japan about two years ago for University, currently have one more year left bc I'm going for accelerated graduation. Currently working in wholesale in the fashion industry, making a base salary plus comission. Comissions aren't really all...
  2. B

    How much time do you allocate to sides hustles per day?

    Hi all, How much time per day do you allocate to your side hustles on average? I work probably 45-50 hours a week all computer based, and find it difficult to concentrate when I get home as I feel burned out. So what ends up happening is I procrastinate in the day (like now) and read up then...
  3. M

    Hi! from Philippines! <3

    Hello! i would like to introduce myself, I'm a Full-Time Government Employee in Philippines who wants to dominate instagram :D and i discovered the this forum. I would like to quit my job and have financial freedom and at them same time.. time freedom. <3