1. M

    OnlyFans Chatting - Descriptive Text + Fetishes / Kinks

    This is a page dedicated to a very important part of OnlyFans chatting: Descriptive text + Fetishes / kinks. I think there is too little information on this so I just decided to drop this in here. I made this page for my chatters and it is a part of their training. What is descriptive text...
  2. S

    Make money off twitter porn account?

    I have a twitter account with NSFW content.. I have like 7k followers and the engagements is okay, could be better if I was a bit more consistent. I was wondering if anyone has had experience in this. What might be the best methods for earning revenue off of this account. Some of the obvious...
  3. jacky_brown

    [JOURNEY] 0 to 100 OF model agency challange - fetish niche

    Hey you all, I came with the new wave of fishes into online models management. Sounds like this is something I have been always looking for, still legal but black hat. I will keep it as my personal blog, to stay sane in my actions and on right track. To add additional spice and motivation to my...
  4. MistressNova

    Adult PPV in Adult Themed HTML5 browsers games. Possible?

    Is it possible? Does anyone have experience with Adult PPV with a decent company? I'm developing adult themed html5 browser games (which are going to be great for .mobi sites due to google plays bs rules). I see a lot of adult game sites have PPC ith semi-adult themed browser games and pay per...
  5. Judith Mcbaine

    Hey, from: a college kid

    Hey! My name is actually Myles, not Judith - it's just a name I chose forever ago and decided to stick with it. I'm super interested in academics, particularly politics, ethnic studies, religion, history, and genealogy - but this past year I've also become obsessed with the internet. I love...
  6. W

    Hello, just starting on this journey.

    I have started two accounts, one for psychedellia ( trips and drugs) and the other is a fetish site (feet.) I am going to build them in a natural fashion, for now and as you can guess the fetish site is growing pretty well. One quick question, how do I avoid getting banned, I would hate to...
  7. F

    Making money with fetish traffic

    I have about 2.5k followers/fans on tumblr/youtube/facebook (combined) all interested in foot fetishes specifically. Is this kind of traffic monetize-able ? I realize it is slightly different from general adult traffic as it is targeted, and foot fetish material is generally more scarce online...
  8. N

    Adult Selfhosted WP Blog Seeking Help With Making Money

    I have started my first adult blog (I have been blogging for 3 years) and I am curious as to what the best practices are for making money. On my Family Friendly blog I make most of my money (nominal amounts) through sponsored posts and I would like to start bringing in more money on this adult...
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