1. Julian Brockmann

    Female Amazon book reviewer, 5 Minutes required, 4 € compensation.

    As I cannot edit the other thread: Time required for you: About 5 minutes. I need people to give five star reviews on amazon for a book of mine. You can copy paste my predefined review. Requirements: Female Amazon account that also has other, longer reviews. Optional, but desired: German...
  2. MoonflowerFaith

    how to monetize my food blog

    Hello, I am wondering how I can monetize my food blog? followfauzia.com is my food and travel blog any ideas? I am revamping my site atm looking for awesome ideas
  3. tg01

    Asian / Desi Video Presentation

    Hello, I’m starting a website in the health / appearance niche and looking for someone to record a 2 / 3 minute video. The video will need to be recorded in HD, ideally 720, recorded in landscape (happy for a phone to be used), you / the person will need to appear fairly well dress, friendly...
  4. O

    How to seperate scraped list by gender

    Hello I am looking for a way to filter out scraped lists based on m/fm genders
  5. K

    Am new Here

    Hello dear, am new here, I wish to find great deals and great people here, am also ready to render whatever services I know that can be of beneficial to anyone here
  6. D

    Need female FB profile.

    I need a female profile with at least 6 pictures of the same girl. Must be realistic (no models etc.) Account must be at least couple months old.
  7. J

    Female to make a phone call

    Hello, I have a simple request. I need a female to make a telephone call to another female for me. I will provide you with what exactly I need you to say and you can improvise if need be once on the telephone. It should only take about 10 minutes on the phone. I am willing to pay $40 for this.
  8. N

    22yo Journey to $500/day

    Firstly let me tell you just a little about myself; I am a 22yo Female from Australia :o I only found out about IM about 6mths ago from a friend. 3mths later I found myself hooked and helping my friend out. I have learnt so much in such a short space of time! We've had plenty of ideas and vibe...
  9. blitzgeist

    Voiceovers for video

    I am looking for female to do voiceover work on advertising video
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