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    Question regarding Feedwordpress and WP Automatic

    Hi guys. I've started a new site and am trying to use Reinstecker's method for autoblogging on one subdomain using feedwordpress and on another subdomain using WP Automatic. I am using RSS feeds to populate my blogs, taking posts from my own automated tumblr pages and posting them on my own...
  2. K

    SEO Smart links and Feedwordpress

    why are these two plugins not working I know autoblogs are not popular anymore due to googles update but i was trying it for an auto backlink strategy. SEO smart links I thought would highlight keywords in the feedpress but, no dice... any idea why?
  3. U

    [tutorial] how to: full rss feeds for autoblogs

    This is my first post to black hat world, so please be gentle! i've noticed many on BHW often ask where or how to get full rss feeds from sites that only provide excerpts in the feed, so i decided as my first post here on BHW to write a tutorial to answer those questions. First scour rss...
  4. B

    Feedwordpress0.992 and Autotagging

    Hi, as new user I thought to share something right away. I use Feedwordpress and Auto Social Poster, but since Wordpress 2.3 something was missing from this setup, namely the TAGS part. So I took the Yahoo Term Extraction script from Semiologic and combined it with Feedwordpress. Now...
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