feed api

  1. thomansfel

    eBay to shut down the eBay Commerce Network

    eBay will shut down the Commerce Network ad network on May 1st. Full article: https://techcrunch.com/2019/04/02/ebay-to-shut-down-the-ebay-commerce-network-its-third-party-ad-network-on-may-1/ I think this creates a huge gap in the industry, a lot of traffic that needs to be monetized will be...
  2. Sebastian Rooks

    [JV] Your eBay Partner Network API access / My site to sell Data

    Hello blackhat world! Who I am... I'm a freelance programmer that does some eBay dropshipping, and I'm looking to expand into other ecommerce projects. Who I'm looking for... I'm looking to jv with someone that's a member of the eBay Partner Network. I need the data available from the "feed"...
  3. Sebastian Rooks

    Need ebay Partner Network - api scope for buy.item.feed

    Hi Black Hat World, it's been a long time. tldr; I need data from the ebay feed api that requires membership in the ebay Partner Network. For the past couple of months, I've been working on a dropshipping project, from a big box retailer to ebay. I understand that there are many tools...