1. tbran117

    Using Fbook UID's Smart? Possible? Dumb?

    Hey BHW! In 2012 my team and I use to leverage Facebook UID's to run our ads with. I have a LARGE list of approx 25K Fbook UID's and was wondering if it's even possible to utilize anymore in the audience section of fbook ads manager. Hoping to get some clear insight. :) Thanks in advanced! -Noob
  2. J

    Got Social Traffic? Facebook vs Twitter offer!

    Social network traffic is tearing up this offer!! This is an exclusive offer on our network with high payout! Shoot me a pm if you're interested.
  3. M

    Facebook display picture uploader

    Hey. I want someone to build me a tool which can upload display picture on 100s of facebook accounts. Those who are interested contact me on skype: eric.fiverr (sorry for my bad English)
  4. J

    Hello! New here from Ohio - USA, JV anyone?!

    Hello everyone... so I've been debating whether or not to join the forum and today I finally decided to. I have found a lot of information on this site so I want to try and give back to the members on the forum and see if I can get some feedback also. Currently I do a lot of CPA marketing...
  5. M

    Some questions on on Fbook anonymity

    Hey guys I have some questions regarding Fbook anonymity. I understand that if Fbook deletes your account, and you have numerous other accounts having been used on your ip address, it will often times delete them as well. I have not experienced this, but I would certainly seek to avoid it...
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