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  1. Rollfic

    Has Anyone bought old FB account and still working?

    Title. Are old FB accounts good for the long run? Lets say you buy a 2009 FB account and u do not use that account to spam FB groups like many does. You use it normally like normal people, will it last as long as you want? Or there is ALWAYS A RISK with buying accounts and using for long time?
  2. sercilo

    Farmed Facebook Accounts For Running Facebook Ads

    Handmade & farmed Facebook accounts for running Facebook Ads About the accounts: Geo - Ukraine Phone verified We can receive Text message code if needed Access to the email Created and farmed from 14+ days Farmed without any software Added friends Added photos in the profile Added posts on the...
  3. R

    Restricted BM's after few days of advertising

    Hey guys! I manage my FB accounts with Multilogin software + Luminati residential IP's . I have bought aged FB accounts from Bangladesh. But IP's are located in UK. I got restricted Business account or facebook profile always, after few days of advertising. ( largely when FB decided increase...
  4. Littleant

    Could I know if somebody look after my profile ?

    Could I know if somebody look after my profile ? Thanks
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