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  1. Y

    How Many Days FB Page Safe From Being Unpublished?

    My 1-2 days old FB Page always got unpublished when it got 5K-30K followers. Can somebody help me solve this? Expert in spamming/viral fb page creators please help me. Im stuck !!!
  2. Y

    How can I create FB PAGES without getting disabled?

    (We all know that FB is home for gullible/brainless people that's why they are the best target of politicians to easily spread there propagandas and fake news. I found FB so toxic nowadays but positive side about this is that these people can also be used to create fb pages extremely fast ) So...
  3. R

    Buying Finance / Forec Facebook Page

    Hi guys! Has anybody a finance / forex related Facebook page that he is selling? If yes, message me, I'm interested! Thanks!
  4. R

    Buying Crypto Facebook Page

    Hi guys! Has anybody a crypto related Facebook page that he is selling? If yes, message me, I'm interested! Thanks!
  5. R

    Buying Aged Facebook Page

    Hey guys! I need Facebook pages that were created before 2017. If you have some, hit me up! Regards!
  6. J

    Can advertise 2 business pages in the same BM? (Circumventing Systems Policy)

    Hey everyone. is it ok to advertise 2 business pages in the same BM? Afraid that if 1 page gets banned or penalized for receiving a low feedback score, the other page will get banned for circumventing systems policy. Thanks!!
  7. gowthamkumar

    NEED 500K Likes for My FB Page No Matter How You Get Them.. But Should be In MY BUDGET

    Hi All, This is for strictly who can do the work in my budget only. We Need 500K Only Likes for My FB Page. In a very Limited Time period. No Matter in What Way you can Get Them.
  8. saiyan zoobie

    Fb blocking me from sharing in groups. Help!

    Hey everyone could anyone help me. I have made a page and posted a video there. Now I am trying to share this page post to FB groups but every time I share, I get a notification of "your post goes agianst our community standard." Can anyone please help me how can I share my page post or any...
  9. EternalFun

    FB page issue

    Two issues - 1. Earlier when we created a new page, we couldn't assign username ourselves so we had to add another person as admin to do so which worked but currently that is not working too. Anyone noticed? How the hell do we put usernames now? Both of the profiles are mobile verified but...
  10. EternalFun

    Can't create username for FB page

    So, created a fb page. Tried to created username and it said not eligible so added another profile of mine and made admin. Tried to create username from that profile and said not eligible again. What to do?
  11. R

    Anyone who Can recover Deleted FB Page ?

    Looking for someone who can recover Deleted Facebook page.
  12. S

    FB Page and Groups

    Hey Guys, I have a FB page and i joined several groups and liked several pages as my page. How can i see which pages my own page likes and how can i see which groups my page has joined? Thanks
  13. ss1180

    Facebook Page Likes Invitation

    Is anyone know this method. These days we are getting invitations from friend id or from our personal id to like a page. Like i am using 8 Facebook ID's and i am getting notification that ...... and other 4 person invite you to like this page. We didn't send any invitation, so how this is...
  14. M

    [WTB] Urgent Need Village Food Related FB Page

    Hello Friends, Please Help Me. Urgent Need Village Food Cooking Related FB Page And Instagram Account with real like and followers. Feel free let me know if anyone can provide me.
  15. cosmo89

    What should i do with my 317k followers FB page?

    I have a Facebook page which have over 317k organic followers, who are mostly from Mexico, Egypt, Tunisia, India and Brazil. My page is about women's shoe. 90% of them are women, who are at 18 -24 age. Getting nearly 50 -70 price requests over messenger. So my question is, what should i...
  16. Take Action

    Looking for Real FB pages

    Hey guys, In need of FB pages with a lot of following. Preferable niches - Fashion, Money making, Tech etc Send in your offers, I will buy if it meets our expectation. Make it simple and offer only legit pages, please. Thanks.
  17. Socialpanda

    FB would delete my page??

    Hello, i have a page about "women Health" with 16k real followers, if i would post content from another page (copy and paste) then FB would delete my page??
  18. Chibueze2000

    Fb page monetization

    Fb page monetization Hello guys, i have search on different platforms on ways to monetize my fb page but seems all the working methods are now outdated...i have a huge fb fan page that i would like to monetize. ps: affiliate marketing or dropshipping will not be a good idea cause it's not...
  19. hardyb53

    How can i check my fb page rank or is there any thing like this shitzz..

    I bought the likes for my FB page 20k something but after 5mnths its began to fall on the count now I have only 18k likes to increase more likes I have used the Like4like, you follow etc., But none was worth at the starting time the likes increased but after few days its again goes down. I...
  20. Ajeet Ghuman

    (Needed) Change FB page name Trick

    Hi, BHW i seriously want some trick to change my facebook page name. Is there any blackhat trick to do it or some way. Much appreciate.