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  1. sydna

    Facebook page score dropped to 2

    Hello, Gradually facebook started lowering our page quality score to 3.5 then 3 then 2 , and now with the risk of losing the ability to advertise, i have reached out to FB regarding the page and they mentioned that it will rise up and not to worry about it The issue is that when we try to...
  2. Take Action

    Looking for Real FB pages

    Hey guys, In need of FB pages with a lot of following. Preferable niches - Fashion, Money making, Tech etc Send in your offers, I will buy if it meets our expectation. Make it simple and offer only legit pages, please. Thanks.
  3. TheLearner

    Wanted SMM Panel

    Hello there , ( Please admins move my thread to correct section if it is wrongly posted :) I require a SMM which can provide me Premium accounts like Netflix for 6 months in cheap rates :) Besides which can give me Indian fb page likes at cheapest rates possible I saw one fulfiling my above...
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