1. J

    Twitter favoriting bot?

    Is there a bot or a software design that will allow you to favorite every tweet someone has posted? I have been looking around for one but I can't find one.
  2. M

    Blocked my Twitter?

    So yesterday I was using iMacros and favorited just about 1000-1300 tweets. Now I am getting a "popup" from Twitter which says "Sorry! We did something wrong" - Any idea how long this "ban" will last? Or is it a ban at all? I have used it on my other accounts and never had an issue like this...
  3. yaleinnovator

    Twitter FAVORITE Bot

    Twitter Favorite Limits are 1000 a day that is a wonderful way to pop up in double the daily amounted peoples notifications. Does anyone have a free twitter favorite bot or one for sale not a script. I will buy immediately.
  4. V

    iMacros/Twitter help pls.

    Hey guys. So I need an auto-fav bot for Twitter. I found a pretty reliable looking one and so I tried it out in iMacros. The only trouble is, it's numbered. Like, it only favourites tweets from 1 to however many times you're willing to click while you're recording. Is there any way that I can...
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