fat piece of shit

  1. Sherb

    Full-Time Digital Marketing: Pulling The Trigger

    For those asking why my presence here has dropped a bit. In typical @Sherb fashion, I have left my cushy analytics job to pursue digital marketing full time, but with lessened risk. How? I was starting to get depressed and feeling miserable about the workload that was being pushed on our...
  2. MatthewGraham

    People are buying and selling Quora upvotes. What does Quora plan to do about it?

    LMAO. I'm going to frame this Quora post. https://www.quora.com/People-are-buying-and-selling-Quora-upvotes-What-does-Quora-plan-to-do-about-it Which one of y'all dead mother fuckers posted this?
  3. MatthewGraham

    TFW a BST's PBN sample has a backlink to a competitor's fake negative review of your site...

    ...but the fake review is 404 because you already sent a cease and desist to the fake review site's host. WHO SAID THAT?! WHICH ONE OF Y'ALL DEAD MOTHERFUCKERS DID THAT SHIT!? WAS IT YOU, STRINGBEAN? YOU SKINNY-ASS LOOKING MOTHERFUCKER! TURN AROUND AND SAY IT AGAIN! TURN AROUND AND SAY IT...
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