1. Vetusmeam

    Spotify Farm launch with multiple iphone

    Hello there ! How are you ? I'm currently at the launch of my farm I have 1 distrokid with 1 artist account , 20 "quality" tracks , 4 iphone with individual premium spotify account / one playlist with the 20 songs on each account ( i wanna scale at 6 iphone per artist max and scale with more...
  2. S

    Spotify mobile farm streaming

    Hi everyone, new here! I wanted to gain some insight about spotify stream farming, basically I have 100 mobile phones, 60 instrumental beats, 8 artists accounts through distrokid and family accounts on spotify for every phone, have added all the artists to same playlist, I heard a lot of people...
  3. S

    I want to develop a "giant" Youtube bot and I need your ideas

    I have BSc in marine engineering, electrical engineering, and software engineering. I know it sounds fake. But, I can explain. Read this section if you want to learn, and skip to the next section if you don't. I have a few ideas in mind, but I opened this thread to get your opinions. I want to...
  4. E

    Streaming Farm - which platforms / services (etc..) to use? how about making a list?

    Like so many of you, I'm working on my little streming-farm. How about making a list of services/info to use with the pros and cons based on our experience? streaming platform, proxy provider, accounts, hosting, earnings, costs, daily streams limits etc.... For now, personally, I have only...
  5. N

    Farm FB Accounts

    Hey Guys, i have bought some facebook profiles but most of them were blocked. Now im looking to farm some accounts on my own. I know i have to use a antidetect browser and diferent IPs, what you else i need to do? Anyone already does this and have a step-by-step method?
  6. 6Gargamel9

    Spotify stream farming / botting

    Hey! I have recently gotten into stream farming on spotify and I have some questions for those of you who have working farms. I have published two tracks through distrokid and have multiple spotify premium accounts through family plans and such. Can I just loop songs on different web browsers...
  7. P

    Useful Guides. How to warm-up Facebook and Instagram accounts.

    What is account warm-up Warming up an account is called preparing for the launch of an advertising campaign or organic promotion. It is needed so that new profiles do not get banned in the first few hours or days after the launch of the ad. The fact is that many offers and approaches in traffic...
  8. TheToolbox

    Make money with 4G Proxy Farm

    How can i make money with a 4g proxy farm ? Any ideas ? I now i can sell proxy ip.
  9. S

    Professional and safe Stream Farm

    I´m looking for people that are familiar with creating a professional and well working spotify stream farm that brings a good income. Need to know what is the safest and best working method to generate a huge amount of streams on different Tracks (Probably in Playlists etc.) and a good Option...
  10. duckduckgoo

    CEO Duck’s Phone Farm

    My first step to bot Tik Tok now works!! 7 phone and 5 virtual android duck first ever achiev ment that may be actually pay off. So 12 and i wait 3 tablet to ship!! I bot it using Python that i have learne age ago when i not so lazy and student IT in high school!!! what you guy think? Next...
  11. cherrydog

    [Guide] Starting a Reddit TTS Compilation Channel

    Reddit TTS Channels on Youtube They get tens of millions of views combined daily. The truth about Reddit TTS channels is that they're mostly automated. I personally think that it's an evergreen money-making method, because there will always be more teenagers interested in these types of videos...
  12. G

    How/Where to hire a click/troll farm?

    I'm not sure what forum to post this on, but i'm looking for a company that will help me spam a website with memes. Some more info: This isn't a money making venture, it's for a joke between friends. The website i'm planning to spam doesn't require any sort of login, only captcha verification...
  13. YouDeserveTheBest

    FB Cloud Accounts /

    Please forgive my innocence. I am not stupid or lazy. I seen a banner in here with FB Cloud accounts, clicked it, got me to and I really don't know what is that for and how to use it. Any guidelines? Thank you!
  14. Susanta Lohar

    What to do with 500 computers?

    I've 500-1000 Virtual Machine from aws. what should I do to make most money out of it?
  15. dontfarm

    [] Facebook Cloud Accounts | All GEO's | From 149$+

    Trusted Facebook cloud accounts for your profitable advertising campaign. Special deal for affiliates who works with whitehat and blackhat offers. Our client's already successfully drive traffic for such type of offers: gambling and betting; nutra (health and beauty); binary options...
  16. s.dali85

    Need help to build IG Farm

    Hey I'm looking for help some one that can explain me couple things, i want to build IG Farm for accounts for my niche.. i want to put it on server for work 24/7 - what server would be the best for me? what proxy should i use? what bot can i use to put for every acc different proxy? thank's for...
  17. Mr. Nowon

    Farm Fake Account to like posts

    I recently got into the world of black hat behind instagram. I heard of a technique that consists in farming lots of fake profiles that follow your profile and actively search for your new posts, so that when you post a photo/video they instantly like it and the chances to get viral increase a...
  18. Akinyande ayo

    Want to Start Blog in Agric Niche! Success potential rating???

    I already have a blog but I love agriculture and still want to venture into in future. I didn't study any agriculture-related courses in school but I've worked in the field before. Now agric SEARCH TERMS are VERY LOW and not profitable as I felt but I think it's not competitive too. What do you...
  19. remmaps

    Panda in Action: Farmer attacked by Panda

    It's proven that Panda is effective against farms. As you can see the farm owner could not protect the collected content from the evil pandas
  20. S

    i need help ! , must be done in 1 week.

    HI mates ,im needing everyones help !. i have an affilate partner that ask me , how i get traffic to my site, i could not justify it :) , dont ask where its come from. But i told him that i own like 6 domains of autoblogs, well , i need to create those blogs couse i lie him. Someone can help me...
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