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  1. GrowthJson

    Mobile farm emulated vs real devices?

    Hi, I was wondering why people mostly use real device for mobile farms , is it really difficult to spoof emulated fingerprints so it does look like real device?
  2. P

    Spotify farm

    hello I'm looking to start my new Spotify farm cause Spotify blocked me twice, I have premium account, a computer h24 on, I need proxy and I don't know what else, can someone help me? maybe we can collaborate!
  3. T

    I've been Botfarming music streams for a while- do you wanna connect?

    I'm looking for road tested people who have been bot farming music streaming for a while and have experience in this. not delivering details in public but i'm sure if you have experience we can exchange some insights... with these new updates from spotify etc... let's unite!
  4. K

    Looking to learn how to stream farm on spotify

    Hey guys Im new to stream farming and proxies and honestly do not know where to start so I'm sorry if I say the wrong things because I'm not educated enough but I know people who thrive off this and I want to learn, can anyone help? I would really appreciate it. The most that I know about is the...
  5. master of growth

    |And another new Newbie] - Farm streaming: spotify , apple , amazon & youtube | Amazon FBA

    Hey there Black Hat World! This is now my second performance, as my first was closed because it supposedly sounded too much like sales... I do not want to sell anyone what I want to help others and hope that I will be helped to achieve my goal. My name is master of growth and I'm excited to...
  6. master of growth

    Farming streaming: spotify , apple , amazon & youtube

    Greetings Black Hat World community, I am here to introduce myself and express my interest in building a streaming farming system for popular platforms like Spotify, Apple, Amazon, and YouTube. As a passionate and driven individual, I am eager to learn and grow in this field and welcome any...
  7. G

    How/Where to hire a click/troll farm?

    I'm not sure what forum to post this on, but i'm looking for a company that will help me spam a website with memes. Some more info: This isn't a money making venture, it's for a joke between friends. The website i'm planning to spam doesn't require any sort of login, only captcha verification...
  8. Susanta Lohar

    What to do with 500 computers?

    I've 500-1000 Virtual Machine from aws. what should I do to make most money out of it?
  9. Mr. Nowon

    Farm Fake Account to like posts

    I recently got into the world of black hat behind instagram. I heard of a technique that consists in farming lots of fake profiles that follow your profile and actively search for your new posts, so that when you post a photo/video they instantly like it and the chances to get viral increase a...
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