fake the referrer

  1. D

    Need help with fake affiliate traffic.

    Hey guys, this is my first post so I'm sorry if I'm putting this in the wrong place :) I have a simple question. If website A is the site that pays me $0.10 per visitor I send to them via my site(B) is there anyway that I could get fake traffic from a place such as youlikehits (website C) to go...
  2. LX911

    Make Twitter as Source of Traffic

    Hi, I got a campaign that accepts only Twitter traffic and nothing else! But I want to promote it to all other networks even directly visiting it! How can I make it look like as if each and every traffic is coming from Twitter? Does it have something to do with changing the referrer?? Fake the...
  3. juice

    Fake the referrer method for html

    Hello, I saw the post on how to "fake the referrer" for a blog, but how do you fake the referrer with html? Any help is appreciated with thanks. :)
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