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  1. AlekhyaDas

    The business of fake social media accounts, revealed in Mumbai, India arrest

    The Mumbai Police earlier this week arrested a 20-year-old man for allegedly creating a fake profile of Bollywood playback singer Bhoomi Trivedi. The interrogation of the accused Abhishek Daude revealed that there are several such companies that sell followers and ‘likes’ on social media...
  2. KLKE

    Xpandmail free email parsing api

    Hi mates, I wanted to share the 100% free tool that i created and allow you to create infinite mailboxes from their API. Just with one GET call you get the content of the mailbox and you can parse any link. For example is helpful to register in many sites to scrap the content automatically...
  3. jackstarks

    Testing a potential method Instagram+Domain+Cpa

    Hi guys. This is my 1st thread on BHW. I need some tips about my idea. Sorry for my bad english, is not my native language. I'm italian. I have a 100% workly Instagram bot configured with my fake sexy female account. This account is private, i've just uploaded a "curious and attractive...
  4. N

    Automate facebook actions

    Hi. I would like to have a tool for doing basic actions on facebook : Create user Login user Create group Post Like Add friends Like page etc. I would code it myself but first, I'd like to know if these kind of tools already exist so I don't have to reinvent the wheel. I'm looking for...
  5. S

    Instagram Models as FB profiles

    Lately i've been trying to grow numerous FB accounts using hot instagram models for my pics. But no matter what after a while when I get close to the 500 mark (friends) I do the photo test and past but then they ask for my ID..is this because ive been using instagram pics ??
  6. Ikbendik

    Facebook Fake Profile

    Dear blackhatters, I have made a fake facebook profile to promote my fanpage (You all know the method). I am from a country with static IPs which cannot be changed. So I decided to use TOR browser. While creating my facebook profile I uploaded an image via tor on my fake profile. My question...
  7. hootsparta

    How To Easily Identify The Fake Profile On Facebook?

    There are plenty of Facebook fake accounts to spam others. Here you can get some simple methods to find them easily, Even though many tips were shared on this forum By Checking their Profile Picture: 1. You may have several chances to find a profile is fake or original by just viewing their...