fake http referer

  1. JohnsonDaniel

    [DISCUSS] Referers Blanking vs Faking Time to Settle This OFA!

    There is SO much talk about what to do with referers, when using BH, or not, but just wishing to protect business data. Should we blank? Or should we send spoofed/faked refs? I am starting this thread for 2 reasons: 1. I coded and shared a Referer Spoofing script recently (link below), and I...
  2. JohnsonDaniel

    [TUT and CODE] How to Fake your Referer, Fake Referer Any Offer, Fake Referrer Script

    Here is a script I made for Content Lock Pro buyers which will provide Fake Referer functionality. I have decided to share with BHW for free - awesome for when you don't quite have the <cough> right <cough> type of traffic :) It will allow you to fake http referer when sending traffic. Spoof...
  3. B

    $20 Review Referer.us - Short Url, Hide Referer and Fake Referer

    Hi there I want you review as well as test my new site and the new tool about short a url, hide http referer and fake http referer. The site url is: http://referer.us/ I don't care about your rank, I am not buying links here, I am looking for some real visitors for my site and hope get real...
  4. B

    My New Spoofing HTTP Referer Tool is Ready to Go

    Hello folks I am happy to announce my new Spoofing HTTP Referer tool, so call Fake HTTP Referer tool, is ready. You can find the tool here: http://referer.us/spoof-http-referer.html Here is how it works: You can use this url: http://referer.us/http-referer-test.html to test referer hide...
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