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    I Need a Fake Traffic Bot

    Hi, i need a bot that could send millions of HITS to a website daily, it could be fake visitors from proxys. I tried jingling and others traffic bots, but i could generate only 20k per day. So i need more visitors (HITS, not unique visitors). The bot is not for any Ads, Adsense, Selling domain...
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    Need Fake Hits Proxy Tool

    I used to run a copy of Tukanas Hits Generator, but I cannot find it anywere on the web. Can anyone suggest/link a fake traffic generator? Better with Proxies :) Thanks!
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    we need advice about generating fake hits

    Hello, Very nice site!!! We are a couple of computer engineers from Europe, and need advice about the subject "generating fake hits". We have over 50 US registred sites with Google Ads and related content. The main problem is that we can't find a good mechanism to generate fake hits to...
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