1. xpro

    Should I use proxies for spamming some social sites?

    Hello There are some social sites that I would like to start spamming. They block my ip after a while and I can just change it since I have a dynamic IP, but should I get a proxy in order to stay anonymous or is my dsl fine? are there any proxies that I can change the address if it gets...
  2. N

    How do you block blackhat assholes from pages?

    So I'm making nice coin on fb right now with some pages using my own unique method. There a couple of retards who think they can spam my pages up with their links. Is there anyway to delete certain individuals from pages?
  3. S

    newbie in here

    hi guys, just started hacking, cause i was bored and wanted to try something new, my girlfriends father is a famous blackhat hacker, Kevin Mepham. i learn almost everything from him. so, PM me if u have some good ways to hack websites, i'm the most in site hacking and defacing.
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